Posted by: kaleidophonic | December 9, 2009

New! Album Reviews

Hey all. Last Sunday, hanging around at CFRC talking with Scott Hanson (whose show is on right after mine), I got into a discussion about albums, album art, and album reviews. And I was reminded that last year I went through a bit of a phase posting album reviews to my Facebook page. Well, since I now have a better medium than tired old Facebook (seriously, FB should just hurry up and die already), I thought I’d post a few here. So over the next few days I’ll be posting the back-catalogue, and then probably sporadically adding some new ones as inspiration hits.

First up, the object of discussion with Scott: Pink Floyd’s Division Bell.

I have quite a few Floyd albums, but I have always been rather partial to “The Division Bell” (1994), the last studio album the Floyd recorded. And likely to stay that way. This was the Floyd’s second album post-Roger Waters… Gilmour and Waters hate each other. Always struggling against each other. Divided. Like the tolling of the Division Bell. The song titles say it all:

“Poles Apart”
“What do you want from me”

I don’t know why I’ve always loved this album. It’s certainly moody, like most of Floyd is, with Gilmour’s soaring guitars and obscure lyrics. Somehow I always imagined that this album was about the Cold War, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. “A Great Day For Freedom” would certainly reinforce this…

Maybe this album reminds me a certain time in my life, a bitter time perhaps? There’s a lot of bitterness on this album, anger and frustration. That’s probably what makes it so great. Artists are always at their best when they’re struggling against something. Happy artists produce crappy art. Witness McCartney after the Beatles broke up. No edge. You need that edge to produce good art. And “Division Bell” is full of edge. It’s all edge, in fact. And some great album art too:

I always was tripped out by the cover. Easter-island-meets-George-Orwell.

What do you think?

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