Posted by: kaleidophonic | December 11, 2009

Album Review: If I Could Only Remember My Name…

So, David Crosby. Of Byrds fame, of CSNY fame, of “donated sperm to Melissa Etheridge” fame. Of “did so many drugs in the 60s and 70s required a new liver” fame. Yes. David Crosby. If I could only remember my name is aptly titled… especially for an album released in 1971. It has been described as “one of the defining moments of hungover spirituality” of the late ’60s/early ’70s. Crosby has always been a fine singer (and I have to say, having seen him live a few times, he still is, even after all the shit he’s been through…), and his vocals and superb harmonizing abilities come through in finest form – too bad he didn’t release another solo album until almost 20 years later. If I Could Only Remember… is at times haunting, at times rocking, and always interesting, from the ethereal slide-guitar work on “Laughing” to the harmonies of “Music of Love” to the rambling “Cowboy Movie” to the crystaline chimes of “Traction in the Rain” (stupid title, great song…) and the suprisingly-well-articulated traditional French song “Orleans”. Add in the helping hands of friends such as Neil Young, Graham Nash, and Jerry Garcia, and you have nothing short of one of the better solo efforts of the period. Period.

“I thought I’d found a light to guide me through my night and all this darkness. I was mistaken. Only reflections of a shadow that I saw…”
– “Laughing”

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