Posted by: kaleidophonic | December 13, 2009

Review: Man… Or Astroman?

Imagine the following scenario: Dick Dale meets Patrick McGoohan at a drag race. They jump in their hot rods, burn some rubber, then head off to watch Batman re-runs while recording amphetamine-fuelled tributes to the NASA space launches.

If you can imagine that, you might get close to understanding Man..or Astroman, a self-described “space-age-surf” group from the 1990s. Many of you may recall their surf-revival contemporaries, Shadowy Men From A Shadowy Planet, who penned the theme song for the television comedy classic, Kids in the Hall.

Getting down to the nitty gritty, Man Or Astroman’s 2nd full-length album, Destroy All Astromen!! is one hot little number, possibly beamed in from the coolest planet in the galaxy. When you combine the cool twang/reverb/whammy of instrumental rockabilly/surf music with the surrealism of samples lifted from B-listed 1950s sci-fi movies and cult television shows, and mix it up with irreverant homages to intergalactic mystery meat or Mystery Science Theatre 3000 you just can’t possibly go wrong.

Squares beware: while you might not be able to get good riblets in space, I’m sure you could find a stellar Taco Wagon…

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