Posted by: kaleidophonic | February 4, 2010

CFRC Funding Drive!

Okay, so I usually have issues asking people for money. But in the case of CFRC, my host-station, I have no problems at all! As a campus/community radio station that is listener-supported and almost entirely run by un-paid volunteers such as myself, CFRC operates on a shoe-string budget. Our operating costs, however, necessitate we ask good people like you to dig deep and help keep independent voices like ours on the air. So listen in to CFRC from Feb. 4th – 14th for details on how you can help keep corporate radio at bay. Donations over $25 may receive goodies like t-shirts, tote-bags, or sampler CDs! Or, if you’re in Kingston, come out to one of the many fundraising events. Check out the CFRC home page for more details, and if you want to pledge some of your hard-earned dough, tune in to the Kaleidophone for the next two Sundays – and help me (and my station) meet our targets!

What do you think?

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