Posted by: kaleidophonic | April 19, 2010


Hello my little Kaleidolings! Here’s Episode 28: Cubanismo!!, wherein I am joined live in the studio by my friend Hayley Crooks. We talk about our two-week trip to Havana last year, where we learned about Cuban culture, history, and society. We also talk about the visual and cultural representation of Cuba, and the complexities involved in negotiating a place with so many different imaginaries. Is the island of Cuba a tropical paradise? Is it a repressive socialist state? A pawn in geo-political games of strategy? A place of active revolutionary fervor? A place of amazing cultural production? It is all these things and more! Listen in for some lively discussion, as well as some great tracks. Feat: Grupo De Experimentación Sonora Del ICAIC, 1970s Cuban funk, Buena Vista Social Club, Carlos Varella, etc.

Also – since Hayley is a film major, we talked a lot about film. Here’s a few youtube vids for your enjoyment.

NOW! A 1965 film about Civil Rights in the US. Directed by Santiago Alvarez and produced by ICAIC.

Coffea Arabiga, 1986, a film directed by Nicolás Guillén Landrián (I was mistaken on the show when I said it was another Alvarez film). You can access this film via Viméo, here:

And last but not least: crocodile woman!


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