Posted by: kaleidophonic | June 30, 2010

Static from the wilderness…

Ahoy hoy! A quick update for all you out there wondering what kinds of strange and wonderful things Kaleidoscope Jones has been up to since her disappearance into the wilderness

Aside from my pedagogical duties for the Knowledge Factory, I’ve been hitting the books and even (gasp!!) started writing a bit.

I’ve also been doing some thinking about the future direction of this blog. The Incredible Kaleidophone was originally intended as a companion site for my radio show (although I did try at times to intersperse other material such as album reviews). The show of course allowed me to use music and audio clips to explore some of the ideas that were surfacing in my research – as well as other ideas inspired by my passion for and interest in music. Given that my research has of late taken on a decidedly sonic direction, I think that The Incredible Kaleidophone may now serve as something of a sounding board for that project: somewhere to post bits of writing: essays, early drafts and reviews of relevant books, albums, and films.

Right now I’m working on an essay about sound cannons. So – stay tuned for the next broadcast!


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