Posted by: kaleidophonic | February 20, 2011

Breaking radio silence

NEWSFLASH: Kaleidophone silenced?? or… the mysterious case of the missing lady.

Ok, I admit – it’s been too long since I’ve posted any content here. And I appreciate the irony of my silence coming directly in face of a lengthy essay on just that subject: silencing. But it seems that one little internet gremlin, at least, wanted to be heard. Or at least expressed itself through a subtle silencing of its own.

Observe the facts now. Missing: the image of a soviet woman, originally posted as part of my essay on acoustic imperialism. Discovery of the missing woman elicited a variety of questions: where did the image go? I did not remove it. Perhaps its just a broken link. But no, the image has been entirely removed from my media library. Hmm. The plot thickens. How and why has this image been removed? And by whom? To demonstrate their own silencing of me? (if so, I say, well done…).

Now perhaps this is just some boring old routine internet glitch. But what if it goes deeper? What if it IS someone out there, someone messing with me, just a little? That’s an idea worth entertaining. Or at the very least, an entertaining idea.

So if you’re out there, internet gremlin(s), send me a sign.

In the meantime, now that the Kaleidophone has drifted back within transmission range and broken radio silence, you may stay tuned for more regular broadcasts.

/End Transmission/


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