Posted by: kaleidophonic | September 20, 2011

Day One: And then there was Blog…

Let it be decreed that today marks the first day of what I hope will be 365 consecutive days of blogging about music, sound, culture, and whatever else happens to catch my imagination during the next year. Huzzah!

Today I think I’ll catch you up on the latest news from here, which is that after over a year of having writers’ block, I’ve finally started writing my dissertation. This is Fantastic! And Terrifying! And Maddening! But such is my writing process. I started putting together an introductory chapter on Aug.30, having promised to send something to my supervisor before the end of summer. The end of summer of course being Sept.23, the first day of Autumn.Which means my deadline is this Friday. Which of course is why I suddenly decided to focus on my blog. Graduate students are nothing if not masters at the arts of procrastination.

Its been three weeks since I first sat down at my keyboard and managed to bash out a few loosely coherent pages. Since then I’ve managed to cobble together a 45 page discussion about the historical significance of noise and sound in Montreal during Quebec’s ‘Quiet Revolution’. Of course its unfocused, clunky, long-winded and shockingly lacking in information about Montreal. But its a start.

And all of you out there in the blogosphere are welcome to come along for the ride as I transform this clutch of scribbled pages into what will hopefully someday be a totally awesome book that you will be compelled to buy and read and ponder and discuss with your various friends and relations. Right? Right!

A demain.

What do you think?

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