Posted by: kaleidophonic | September 21, 2011

Polaris & New Canadian Music

Just a few days ago the Polaris Music Prize, which honours the best new Canadian album each year, was announced. It wasn’t much of a surprise that the jury awarded the prize to Montreal’s Arcade Fire for their album Suburbs. Arcade Fire will be playing a free show here on Thursday, which I plan on attending despite my dislike of huge crowds. But more about that on Thursday. Right now I have a confession to make: I havn’t heard the new album. I really enjoyed Funeral, their first record. Their follow-up, Neon Bible, was good, but not good or fresh enough for me to actively seek out their third effort. Now, I know that as a Montrealer interested in music I’m probably committing some form of social suicide through this admission. I mean, Arcade Fire are the biggest Canadian indie band out there. They’re probably responsible for much of Montreal’s current hipster cred, but here’s the thing: there are a number of really great bands here in Montreal (as well as across Canada), and it seems a little too obvious that Arcade Fire would win. Why not give the honour to a band that could use the publicity?

With that in mind I decided to take a listen to some of the other names that made the shortlist, and I was taken with Galaxie, a francophone rock outfit from la belle ville de Montreal. Part of the attraction comes from the fact that this band isn’t afraid to pull out straight-ahead rock hooks. I love raw, simple, garage rock sounds and Galaxie has managed to blend garage rock with electronic music in such a way that the raw excitement characteristic of rock n’ roll isn’t lost in the mix. I liked their song “Fievre” in particular. If you wanna check them out, surf on over to their CBC Radio 3 artist profile, where you can listen to free tracks.

Vive le rock libre.


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