Posted by: kaleidophonic | September 28, 2011

Coffee & Jim Noir

Well, so much for posting every day… I wasn’t feeling too hot Monday/Tuesday and most of my creative energy went into the intro chapter to my diss. I’ve been writing this chapter for almost a month and I’m getting fairly sick of it but I’m not ready to give it up for submission just yet. I’ve been spending a good chunk of time in a café around the corner from my place. The atmosphere there helps me stay focused and productive. Something about the hubbub of friendly conversations, the tapping of fingers on keyboards, and the background music (more on that in a minute) puts me at ease, even when that polyphonic murmur is interrupted every now and then by the high-pitched whine of the espresso machine.

I’m really not sure what CDs they rotate day to day, but recently I heard something there that reminded me of Jim Noir. Now, whatever they were playing wasn’t Jim Noir. But it featured the simple, charming kind of melodies that are central to Noir’s style, and reminded me about a CD I havn’t pulled out of my rack for a long time: Tower of Love. So here’s the vid for “Key of C” from that album.


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