Posted by: kaleidophonic | October 5, 2011

Busy bee…

Okay, so I lied. I promised you some stuff on Expo 67 today, but it’s not gonna happen folks. At least not today. Its been an active couple of days, and today I spent the morning preparing and submitting resumés to various retail outlets. Yup, I’m looking for part-time work, and right now I’m setting my sights pretty low. I want a job that won’t require as much brain power as my regular work, i.e. researching and writing. Whether or not anyone calls my over-educated-ass in for an interview is another story.

The retail stuff is really just a stop-gap, I think I’ll put together a more targeted CV and go talk to people at record shops. Too bad there isn’t one here in my neighbourhood. The only place to get music around here is at the various pawn shops. In an alternate world where I didn’t already have stuff to do, I would look into starting up a comix/music/book shop here. It would do well, I have no doubt.

But I digress. Tonight I’m heading out to check out a talk as part of the Greasy Goose Saloon series put together by some culture/academic nerds here in Montreal. I’m particularly interested in hearing Emily Raine speak about “Finding Records and Montreal Music History.” I might share some of her insights later on tonight.

As for Expo, don’t worry, it’s still in the works. You’ll just have to be patient.

A bientot.

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