Posted by: kaleidophonic | October 23, 2011

All the noise news you can handle… (Evelyn Glennie Pt.1)

Hello my little Kaleidolings!

Its Sunday night, and this week I’ve got some tasty tidbits to share so listen up!

Today I went for a yummy dim sum snack with Michael, who is an electro-acoustic composer and explorer of sound. Michael was the buddy who shared Emily Thompson’s video lecture with me the other day, and now he’s got the book too, so we’ll have lots to talk about in future coffee or dim sum dates! Today we talked about a lot of stuff, and amid the swirling conversation discovered that we both have great admiration for Evelyn Glennie, the Scottish percussionist. Glennie is deaf, yet has excelled at music-making thanks to an extraordinary ability to feel sound. Michael and I have both seen the documentary Touch the Sound, which tells Glennie’s story and features a fantastic improvisational collaboration with Fred Frith. Here’s the trailer for the film, as well as a portion of the movie where Glennie and Frith (on prepared guitar) make music in an empty factory.

Pretty amazing stuff.

Michael also tipped me to a TED talk featuring Glennie, which I intend to watch sometime this week, so stay tuned for that.

In other noise news, the people over at Sounding Out put up a long post about the latest issue of American Quarterly, the scholarly publication put out by the American Studies Association. It seems the good people over at AQ have put together a special issue titled Sound Clash: Listening to American Studies. Thanks to my university affiliations I have access to this journal, and promptly downloaded many of the 17 articles. So look (or listen?) for more musings as I work my way through those.

Another thing I’ll probably return to this week is CKUT, a campus and community radio station here in Montreal, which is holding their annual funding drive all week long. Community radio such as CKUT provides a vital alternative voice to the city, and I intend to show my support by dropping by in person to offer a donation. And maybe check out their facilities while I’m there… ūüėÄ

Also coming up sometime this week – the sounds of Halloween!

So if you perceive a strange buzzing sound this week, that’s the hum of activity you hear as the Incredible Kaleidophone kicks it into high gear.

Now don’t touch that dial! We’ll be back after this short commercial message from Scudder’s potato chips, “the noisiest chips in the world!”


  1. HAHA. “A crisp, noisy potato chip.”

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