Posted by: kaleidophonic | November 1, 2011

Where is the sound that is no longer sounding?

As promised, here’s some thoughts on my yoga retreat weekend. The venue, nestled in the hills around Sutton, Quebec, was wonderful, with a wooded trail across two singing brooks, a sauna, a swimming pond, and a warm, sunny yoga studio. In the studio myself and 9 wonderful human beings listened to Happy Tree teachers Albert Bissada and Melanie Richards as they shared their knowledge of yogic practices.

The experience of sound, and the question of where sound goes, was an intrinsic part of the practice: the chiming of beautiful little bells brought us into meditative states; chanting ohms, eus, ahs, ehs, ees, and oohs brought powerful reverberations throughout our rib cages and throughout the room; and periods of silence brought us deeper into our essential beings.

To be honest, I’m not sure how to blog about all these experiences. I am at a loss to really communicate in writing (a silent medium), the power of all these mystic sounds. There is something deep – deeply symbolic – about bells and chanting and the natural rhythms of breathing, your of the heart, that when listened to – REALLY listened to – defies the awkward sound-shapes of language.

Perhaps over the next days and weeks I will come to a more verbal awareness of the experiences I had this weekend, and be better able to communicate them to you here. I have a feeling that the deep sounding out of my self and my soul that happened this weekend will continue to reverberate around inside me, and broadcast outward from me, for some time to come.

To paraphrase one of my favorite Sandy Denny songs, “Who knows where the sound goes?”

– KJ

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