Posted by: kaleidophonic | November 3, 2011

Dead Head

I’ve become a little obsessed with the Grateful Dead lately.

I can’t stop listening to them.


It isn’t unusual for me to listen to the Dead compulsively. They’ve been a big part of my life’s soundtrack for some time now. Truckin’ to CD Warehouse back in the days, in my little VW Golf with the rear-loading cd changer (remember those???). The discs from Ladies & Gentlemen…Grateful Dead Fillmore East New York CIty April 1971 practically lived inside the changer.

Back in those days I also listened to Live/Dead a lot. I still think the 20+minute opener “Dark Star” is an amazing song. Carleton University music history prof. William Echard played it one time in class – not the whole thing, unfortunately. He then asked how many Dead Heads there were in the class (I remember it being was a fairly big class, maybe just under 100, in a big lecture hall) and only myself and one other person raised their hands. Echard shook his head and commented on how it was a shame that there were fewer and fewer Dead Heads in his class each year.

I wonder how many undergraduate students today would even know who the Dead were, let alone listen to their music?

It makes me feel kinda old. “Oh well… a touch of grey, it kinda suits me anyway…”

What do you think?

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