Posted by: kaleidophonic | November 23, 2011

Cat’s Choice: Tom Petty

Hey all.

Isn’t it strange how sound can intrude on our sleep?

Last night I woke to the sound of my cat rattling my cd racks. This isn’t unusual – he rubs his cheeks on them in typical feline fashion – but it was the extent of the rattling that got me up. I thought he was maybe biting the edges of the CDs (he does that sometimes with books. Not cool, little dude, not cool…) but he was really intent on whatever he was doing. He had actually pulled three CDs from the bottom of the racks. He was poking his paw inside. Aha. “He’s trapped something in there,” I reasoned. Again I made an assumption: it was probably one of his toys. So I stuck my hand inside to retrieve it and… encountered something very soft. I only just brushed it with my fingertips but instantly I knew, without seeing or hearing it, that it was a mouse.

So much for quiet as a mouse. The little creature hadn’t contended with a cat named Hendrix and a rack full of music. At first I tried to save it. I didn’t want mouse blood on my conscience. But all I succeeded in doing was help it escape, with terrified squeeks (or was it a grateful thanks?) to a safer spot – behind the bookcase. After an hours-long standoff there the mouse made a break for it – I saw it, out of the corner of my eye, streak past me in the office. Then it was in the corner at the top of the stairs, then all hell broke loose and the cat and the mouse were flying through the air, then the mouse launched itself off a flight of stairs in a desperate bid for the door – and almost made it before Hendrix had him, squeaking in real terror this time, between his jaws. Up the stairs and around the corner, where the cat dropped him. Let’s play! The mouse made a break for my closet this time.

And that’s where I caught him, still alive and kicking, in a cloth shopping bag. I took him out the back door to my third-floor balcony. It took a bit of coaxing to get him out of the bag, but he emerged, blinking – and promptly threw himself right off the ledge. ( O.o ) I looked down and there he was, resting on the ground a bit before disappearing under the neighbor’s patio. Good luck little mouse. I hope you find a warm spot for the winter, but not in my place. Word to the wise: Don’t come around here no more.

And so we get to the song of the day. Cat’s choice – one of the discs Hendrix pulled out of my rack was Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, so I thought it appropriate to offer you that track: “Don’t Come Around Here No More”.

*sorry about the short commercial at the start of the vid. That’s annoying…

This video is great – if you’re into Alice and Wonderland stuff you have to check it out.


  1. That happened to me the other morning. Two cats showing unusual interest in the litter boxes…I moved one and a blur of movement. They came at it from alternate sides. When Gecko caught it, I took him (carrying the mouse) outside and held onto him until he released it to play with and then promptly scooped him up and allowed the mouse to run free. Hopefully never to return!!!

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