Posted by: kaleidophonic | December 29, 2011

Et encore d’la neige…

Hello everyone!

Its been a busy but wonderful holiday break for me, so I havn’t been able to post as often as I would have liked to. But I’m back, and this means more sounds @ Kaleidophonic!

I spent Christmas in Ottawa, where we were lucky to get a white Christmas. With climate change, the possibility of white Christmases grows less and less likely each year. But yesterday I got a lift back to Montreal, through a snow-storm, so it looks like winter has finally settled in. You know what this means: time for more sounds of winter!

Special thanks to Bobad for this one: Montreal’s Beau Dommage perform “Chinatown” (circa 1974-5), a nice number about snowfall in Montreal. The video for this one is another great nostalgia trip back in time – look for the wood-panelled station wagon.


Hope you’re all having safe and happy holidays. Posts might continue to be sporadic until early into the New Year, but don’t drift too far out of broadcast range!




  1. The wood panelling on that station wagon is simulated – the real “Woodies” were phased out in the 50s due to safety regulations.

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