Posted by: kaleidophonic | January 9, 2012

Quick update…

Hey y’all – it’s been a while since I posted anything so I thought I’d just let you know I’m still around!

A few weeks ago I promised to post some thoughts on bells, which will be coming soon, especially as I spent most of the weekend with François Mathieu’s book Les cloches d’église du Québec (The churchbells of Quebec). There’s tons to say about bells, in this province as well as globally, so I might have to break it down into a series of posts over a few days.

Mathieu’s book also led me to the discovery of a fantastic expression of Québécois music/performance, Walter Boudreau’s Symphonie du millénaire (Millennium Symphony), which was performed in June 2000 in the public square at St. Joseph’s Oratory here in Montréal. Since this performance involved over 2000 hand-bells, pre-recorded clips of some of Montréal’s most famous bells, the Oratory’s carillon, and two firetrucks (!), I’ll probably use the performance piece as a wrap-up of the bell thread. So stay tuned for that!

Meanwhile I’m also knee-deep in some old books about the legendary Québec singer song-writer Robert Charlebois, so I’ll probably post some stuff about him and his path-breaking approach to ‘underground’ rock in the 1960s & 70s.

But just so you don’t go away empty handed today, here’s a classic (and accessible) track from Charlebois, to whet your appetites: “Les ailes d’un ange”, with it’s great sing-a-long chorus: “1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Québec!!” and sprinkling of english/franglais/joual, typical of Montréalers. Enjoy!

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