Posted by: kaleidophonic | January 26, 2012

Tales from the Road

Hey all!

This weekend I’m taking a road trip to Toronto for a friends’ CD release party. I’ll be spending five hours in a car with three lovely sound people: enthno-musicologist, music therapist and fellow blogger Gloria Lipski, Pouya Hamidi a recording engineer and pianist for Sacred Balance, and Michael Palumbo, for whom I don’t have a specific title but he’s a guitarist studying something to do with sound and performance at Concordia University. I have no idea what kinds of conversations we’ll be having to pass the time, but I have absolutely no doubt that they will be awesome.

We’re all heading to Ontario to help Pouya celebrate the release of Sacred Balance’s self-titled, independently produced EP, and I’m super stoked. He’s a very talented fellow, and his band-mates are too. I’ll blog about Saturday’s show (and our road-trip conversations) once I’m back in Montréal. In the meantime, please do check out the band’s website, where you can listen to some of their compositions. And if you happen to be in Toronto, you should come out to the show (at El Mocambo)! Hope to see you there!

Sacred Balance




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