Posted by: kaleidophonic | February 28, 2012

The Music Box: A house that makes music

Hello, happy Tuesday! Todays post comes courtesy of my friend Paul, who listens to NPR. A lot.

Paul sent me this link a while ago, about a house being built in the 9th ward of New Orleans – a house designed to make music:

The Music Box is a small village of ramshackle sculptures huddled together on Piety Street in the Bywater section of the once-flooded 9th Ward. The sculptures are outfitted as musical instruments and are made almost entirely of the remains of the 18th-century Creole cottage that used to sit on this lot.”

The project rose up as a response to the city’s desire to rebuild the neighbourhood – with condos. But residents and New Orleans artists don’t want the history of this place being bulldozed over. So they started putting together the Music Box, which allows curious visitors to make their own music as they interact with each room or each installation inside the building(s).

So check it out – you can listen to the NPR show this comes from, as well as listen to clips of some of the sounds made by “instruments” in the house. The Music Box is an innovative and creative play between architecture, art, and music, and a dramatic demonstration of the lively community of New Orleans – a community that survived the flooding after Katrina and continues to thrive. The musical heritage of this city is old – probably older than the city itself. And by the looks of it, while the hurricane may have destroyed many of the residents homes, it didn’t drown their spirits.

Check it out, and I’ll see you again in a few days.

– KJ



  1. I DO listen to NPR a lot. Public radio minus Shelagh Rogers equals WIN!


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