Posted by: kaleidophonic | May 6, 2012

Summer Tunes! May Episode of the Month

Hey Kaleidolings!

It seems that in my anxiety to overcome my latest slump I forgot to post on the 1st, as per the usual “episode-of-the-month” thing I’ve been doing. Usually I try to post an episode that was recorded in the same month, but since the only show I ever did in May was my final farewell, I’m cheating a little bit this time. So this month I’m highlighting an episode that was originally aired in April 2010: Episode 20: Summer’s Here!

Yup, the sun is shining, and the leaves are coming out here in Montreal. The other day I noticed a sound I had totally forgotten about during the long winter: the gentle whispering of a breeze through the leaves. Hearing this sound, and remembering it somewhere deep inside my mind, made my heart melt just a little bit. ūüôā So, in honor of the return of summer, of warmth and sun and rustling leaves, I present an upbeat sun salutation featuring some surf, some South-American y√©y√©, some Jamaican ska, tunes from Hawaii and Puerto Rico, Harry Belafonte, Sly and the Family Stone, Love, and Miriam Makeba — while also taking some time to talk about how summertime, historically-speaking, tends sometimes to be a time of revolution. Fitting, I think, given recent events here in Montreal and our¬†printemps d’√©rable (Maple Spring). So check it out!

Episode 29: Summer’s Here!
Celebrate the summer sun with some shiny happy surf, ska, soul, and more.
(Originally aired April 25/10)

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