Posted by: kaleidophonic | June 26, 2012

CBC Ideas: The Signal of Noise

Somehow I missed it (bah!) but one of my favorite CBC radio programmes, Ideas with Paul Kennedy, did a show on noise this month. Thanks to the noise curmudgeon, who posted a quick note about the show, otherwise I probably never would have heard about it.

From the CBC Ideas website:

Once long past, listening gave clues for survival. Now we listen unconsciously, blocking noise and tuning in to what we want to hear. Yet the unwanted sounds we filter out tell us a lot about our environment and our lives. Broadcaster Teresa Goff listens for the messages in our walls of sound.

The Signal of Noise is an hour-long documentary by Theresa Goff. It deals with ideas of noise, sound, and silence, and the ideas of people like Garrett Keizer (whose book The Unwanted Sound of Everything We Want I just finished reading the other day, and will probably post about sooner or later), Hildegard Westerkamp (one of the original researchers on the World Soundscape Project) and sound-artist Brian Chippendale.

Listen to the documentary here.


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