Posted by: kaleidophonic | July 10, 2012

New Toy: Zoom H2 Handy Recorder

Hey Kaleidolings!

I’m back in Montreal after a nice little sojourn to the countryside, where I immersed myself in sunshine, swam in the lake, ate tons of great food, and partied with friends and family.

I also brought along my new little toy, the Zoom H2 Handy Recorder, to play and see what kinds of countryside sounds I could record. This neat little recorder is great – with multiple recording settings and dual mic you can easily capture 120 degree soundscapes or use the 90 degree setting for direct recording of immediate sounds such as interviews. I also hope to test it by recording myself playing guitar. It can record 4 channels or 2, saves to .wav or .mp3, and connects right to the laptop for easy file transfer. Menu navigation is simple and user friendly, it’s light-weight, and it looks pretty cool, with that old-school microphone weave at the top.

I havn’t sat down to really listen to my lakeside recordings yet, but while I was away I took a stab at capturing some birdsong, a freight-train passing at night, and the waves and squeaking dock down by the lake. One thing I noticed right away was the preponderance of boat-engine noise. I’ve always been aware of the boats that zoom around on the lake, but in recording, and in searching for a few minutes uninterrupted nature sounds, I quickly discovered that there aren’t many moments that pass by up there without someone starting up their boat and motoring across the water, or else firing up the leafblower (damn neighbour!), the chainsaw (Dad! I’m trying to record here!), power tools, or an ATV. So much for the idea of a quiet rural soundscape!

Anyways, sometime this week I’ll see what I can do with the recordings, maybe even put a few up on the blog… Some of you have been bugging me to put together a podcast, so that might be in the works as well.

In the meantime, stay tuned Kaleidolings!

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