Posted by: kaleidophonic | July 28, 2012

Assorted Musings Around Sport Sound

Gary Carter, legendary member of the (now defunct) Montreal Expos baseball team.


Recently a friend asked me if I was including sports in my dissertation about Montreal’s historical soundscape.

I said I wasn’t. I hadn’t planned on it, at least nothing much beyond mention of the city winning the Expos baseball franchise in 1969, and the evenings or weekend afternoons of cheering and cracks of the bat that would have been heard at Jarry Park (where the ‘Spos played before they moved to the Olympic park a.k.a. The Big-O). But my friend proceeded to launch into a persuasive argument about the importance of sports radio broadcasts and the Montreal Expos. During Expo games in the summer, you could walk around the city and hear people everywhere listening to the game. There was a sense of community there, generated through the shared experience of listening to Expos baseball.

I had another sports-sound related thing come my way, too: Mike Spry, via The Barnstormer, recently posted “Radio Free Montreal”, about the CRTC decision against TSN 990 radio in Montreal.  He captures a nice sense of what it feels like to “come home” to TSN 990 radio, searching for the station through the radio static on the way back to la belle province. In a city crazy for ‘the Habs’, i.e. the Montreal Canadiens hockey team, sports radio has a large presence on Montreal’s airwaves, and now I can see how it absolutely deserves to be recognized as a vital part of the city’s soundscape.

Lastly, thenoisecurmudgeon also posted recently about noise and sports, specifically the loudness of arena sports events. You can check out his post here.



  1. Your friend sounds like a pretty smart guy.

    • Yes, he is… but he’s also a bit of a smartass… 😛

  2. […] up on my last post about sport sound, here’s a timely little bit about broadcasting the sounds of the Olympics, courtesy of the […]

  3. Sports are also probably THE biggest crowd-gatherer too. Crowds = sound. It’s one of the only places that it’s socially acceptable to sing loudly, especially for men, and however badly. Full of cheer songs, chants, and noisemakers…

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