Posted by: kaleidophonic | August 13, 2012

Montreal Sound Map

How did I not know that this exists??

Some cool people have been putting together a sound-map of Montreal, complete with browsable sound-clips from various neighborhoods. My ‘hood, Verdun, features that oh-so-Montreal sound of the horn/siren that blows in the winter, reminding people to move their cars so the snowplow can clear the streets.

A person could lose hours surfing these sounds… Some of my faves were the metro sounds. I should get down to Verdun station to record there – it’s cavernous and hums in such an eerie science-fiction way that I just love. And the whistling of the wind through the doors is always a treat.

Their archives also contains some nice little gems, such as the overheard sound of a violin practice, heard through the window from an alleyway below; a traditional performance in Chinatown; or children playing in a municipal pool (I recently learned that Quebec has more public pools per capita than anywhere else in North America. Yeah socialism!!).

Seriously though, this kind of urban sound-mapping is becoming quite the thing for sound-studies geeks. I’m extremely happy to have discovered that my own city has its own underground sound-mapping culture. Kudos to Max & Julien Stein for putting this together, and to all those fine folks who have contributed sound clips. Hopefully I will be adding some of own soon enough.

Check out the Montreal Sound Map here.


  1. FUN.

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