Posted by: kaleidophonic | August 20, 2012

Shhh! . . . Silence!

Shhh! Keep it down!

Yesterday afternoon, CBC radio aired a piece on silence, as part of the program Tapestry with Mary Hynes. You can listen to the broadcast here, on the CBC radio website.

The first third of the show was the part I listened most intently to: an interview with soundscape collector and silence-seeker Gordon Hempton, who has been on a decades-long search to find (then preserve) what he calls “one square inch of silence” in one of America’s national parks. The interview included many of Hempton’s soundscape recordings, and a discussion of his unique philosophical take on silence: i.e. that ‘silence’ does not mean absence of noise or sound, but rather that silence really means the absence of man-made sound.

The other two interviews on the program were more religious in nature, and I didn’t listen as attentively to them, but they may well be worth listening to, especially if you’re interested in the connections between spirituality and “holy” silence.

Lastly, a short apology for not having posted as much as usual. What can I say, it’s the last few weeks of summer freedom and I’m trying to take things easy before the insanity of September begins! Not to worry, my little Kaleidolings – for I’m sure that there will be many interesting posts ahead, especially as I get down to working on my third chapter.

Stay tuned!

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