Posted by: kaleidophonic | September 7, 2012

Motorcycle Rock Bands!

Hey kids!

Two weeks ago I bought myself a new (slightly used) motorcycle, and to celebrate I thought I’d share a couple of amazing videos I found. It seems that people around the world have been figuring out how to build full on rock-band-capable motorbikes, complete with drum kit and built-in amplifiers!!

The first vid features a bike that was spotted at the Montreal Jazz Fest. It’s a promotional concept for Natrel milk, complete with a cow-drummer. The second vid is by far the more radical of the two, a motorbike rock band filmed rocking down the road somewhere in Russia. I dig how he mounted the rear-view mirror on one of the tom-toms.

Rock on, biker brothers, rock on!


  1. omg they’re on a friggen highway! haha. awe-some

  2. Committed to Riding while Rocking.

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