Posted by: kaleidophonic | September 30, 2012

Sound studies reading group

What’s happenin’, cats?

Just a short update today:

Apologies for not posting this last week – September is crazytimes.

Part of the craziness has been establishing an interdisciplinary sound studies group here in Montreal.

So far we are a collective of graduate students from electro acoustics, film studies, ethnomusicology, and music therapy, with myself of course coming from a history/cultural studies background.

At our first meeting we took the “Introduction” to R Murray Schafer’s The Soundscape as our starting point, which launched us into a series of animated discussions. Plans for the next meeting include discussing the entirety of The Soundscape, and possibly recording our conversation for use in future projects.

If any of you out there live in Montreal and want to come meet with us and have groovy discussions about sound, drop me a line and I’ll let you in to the FB group.

Sound good?

– Kaleidophonic


  1. SOUNDS good. 😉

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