Posted by: kaleidophonic | October 22, 2012

The Listening Machine

Today’s post comes by way of Elena Razlogova, who I know from my days at Concordia University, where she is a prof. She posted this link to FB and I thought it was neat, so I’m sharing!

The Listening Machine
by Daniel Jones and Peter Gregson

The Listening Machine is an automated system that generates a continuous piece of music based on the activity of 500 Twitter users around the United Kingdom. Their conversations, thoughts and feelings are translated into musical patterns in real time, which you can tune in to at any point through any web-connected device.

It is running from May until October 2012 on The Space, the new on-demand digital arts channel from the BBC and Arts Council England. The piece will continue to develop and grow over time, adjusting its responses to social patterns and generating subtly new musical output.

The Listening Machine was created by Daniel JonesPeter Gregson and Britten Sinfonia.

You can listen to the audio at the Listening Machine website, which also explains how the Twitter info is compiled and translated into audio. Neato!

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