Posted by: kaleidophonic | May 2, 2013

Podcast: Objet Sonore

Hey cats!

Today I wanted to give you all a heads up about a new podcast, started up by my buddy Michael Palumbo. It’s called Objet Sonore.

Michael studies Electro-Acoustics at Concordia University, and the Objet Sonore podcast is designed to explore any and all sound/music/electro-related stuff that he comes across.

As he explains:

Objet Sonore is an interview podcast dedicated to the discussion of electroacoustic music and sound studies. Through recorded conversations with prominent composers, performers, theorists, inventors, educators, and listeners, Objet Sonore expresses the desire by its founders to establish and explore links between the Anglophone and Francophone electroacoustic communities, both locally, and worldwide.

You can access the Objet Sonore podcast through iTunes by clicking this link or visit the official Objet Sonore webpage here.

Happy listening!



  1. Thanks Kaleidophone Jones! I’m loving the selection of tracks on the School of Rock episode of your old show. P.S. it seems episode 4 of Objet Sonore will feature a conversation with one certain S. J.

  2. […] Last week I posted about a new podcast series called Objet Sonore, an electro-acoustics / sound-studies / music project put together by my buddy Michael Palumbo. […]

  3. […] Today I’d like to let you know about a talk I will be giving in Montreal, as part of Michael Palumbo’s new series of lectures for ObjetSonore. […]

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