Posted by: kaleidophonic | June 30, 2014

Cities & Memory Project

Hey all!

Today’s post comes by way of my friend Claire CH, who gave me a heads up about a CBC radio episode of “Spark” featuring the “Cities and Memory Project”.

Stewart Fowkes is the creator of “Cities and Memory”, “a sound project that attempts to capture the reality of a place, as well as its imagined counterpart.” The episode also features Matt Parker, a sound artist and guest contributor to the project, who presents a piece imagining what cloud computing sounds like!

Check out the episode at the CBC website, here. The original broadcast dates from May 2014.





  1. Cool, I love that there’s an imaginary part too, a creative part. ‘Cause places aren’t just places, they have meaning for people that can be expressed through new music/sound art. And the idea of sort of spatializing the sound of the internet… woo! Parker’s explanation at the end is so nice and deep. Also, the idea of sound maps makes me think of cartographic notations and site-specific compositions, like what Scott Thomson does: Anyway. A little rant.

  2. Thanks guys, great to hear you like the sound of the project! Hello from Oxford, Stuart.

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