Here you can listen to past audio episodes of The Incredible Kaleidophone, a one-hour exploration of music and history created by Kaleidoscope Jones. The radio show could be heard weekly on CFRC FM, Queen’s University and Kingston Community Radio between September 2009 and April 2010. During this time 30 episodes were produced and recorded and posted here.

Click on the mini-player to listen to audio of the show. Apologies for the occasional sound-quality issue: many of the segments have been converted and re-converted several times due to the processes involved in creating a show, broadcasting it on air, pulling it from CFRC’s logger, editing it with Garageband, and publishing it to the web. Not to mention the fact that many of the songs were originally ripped from old scratchy ’45s!

Weekly Episode Archive

Episode 1: A Kaleidophonic Introduction
The first show! A musical manifesto of sorts. This show is a bit rough, but what else would you expect from a noob?
(aired Aug 12/09)

Episode 2: Duck and Cover!
Exploring the impact of the atomic bomb on post-war culture. Mushroom clouds, Atomic cars, Bert the Turtle and Dr. Strangelove.
(Aired Aug/09)

Episode 3: Auto-mobility.
Talking about cars, suburbs, fast-food, and hot-rods. The automobile and how car culture has decisively shaped our world.
(Aired Sept/09)

Episode 4: Space is the Place!
Wherein Kaleidoscope Jones blasts off to the Moon, Mars, Saturn, and beyond, discussing the post-war space-race, satellites, and space exploration in general.
The first LIVE episode of the Incredible Kaleidophone!
(Aired Sept 9/09 & re-broadcast Nov. 8/09)

Episode 5: Das Capitol Records
In which Kaleidoscope Jones uses the Beatles and Beatle-mania to trace the globalization of capital during the 1960s. Anglo-American Yeah-yeah, Québécois Yé-yé, Mexican rocanrol réfritos, and Ban-ban from Japan!
(aired Sept/09)

Episode 6: Around the World.
This episode is kind of a reversal of Episode 5 – K. Jones examines the impact of world music on mainstream rock and roll. African percussion, cajun swamp music, ska, and the European origins of surf!
* This episode hit a bit of a glitch when the CFRC comp crashed. Gah!
(Aired Sept/09)

Episode 7: Sitar-riffic!
Exploring the influence of East Indian sounds. Cultural appropriation, exoticism, and the raga-rock genre of mid-60s psych/folk.
(aired Oct. 4/09)

Episode 8: Homefires of Canada.
Exploring some of the more obscure offerings from across Canada during the 1960s.
(Aired Oct. 11/09)

Episode 9: Africa.
The Kaleidophone’s journey around the world continues with an exploration of the amazing funky sounds of Afro-Beat.
(Aired Oct. 18/09)

Episode 10: Artist Spotlight: Fela Kuti.
An in-depth look Fela Kuti, his background, his politics, and his music.
(Aired Oct. 25/09)

Episode 11: Halloween Special.
It’s a Ghost-A-Go-Go Show!
(Aired Nov. 1/09)

Episode 12: It’s a Garage Rock Revival!
Kaleidoscope Jones gets lazy and showcases some of her favorite garage-rock revivalists.
(Aired Nov. 15/09)

Episode 13: Latin America.
The Kaleidophone continues its journey around the world with an exploration of the effects of Beatlemania in Latin America, as well as a discussion of the Tropicalia movement in Brazil.
(Aired Nov. 22/09)

Episode 14: This is What a Feminist Sounds Like.
This special episode of the Incredible Kaleidophone commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre and the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women by presenting a powerful all-female lineup.
(Aired Dec. 6/09)

Episode 15: Proto-punk!
Lord Nonsense jumps aboard the Kaleidophone for a lively discussion of proto-punk and the early garage-rock / art-rock roots of the punk genre.
(Aired Dec. 13/09)

Episode 16: Jingle Bells Rock!
The Kaleidophone gets festive with a musical selection of holiday rockabilly, surf, blues, soul, and a little folk too! Something for everyone under the Kaleidophonic Christmas tree!
(Aired Dec. 20/09)

Episode 17: School of Rock
Queen’s historian Scott Rutherford joins me in the studio for a special discussion of the global sixties and the importance of music and culture as a historical source.
(Aired Jan.17/10)

Episode 18: Nature’s Way
Kaleidoscope Jones presents a series of songs inspired by the ecology movement of the 1960s and ’70s while discussing the evolution of the environmental movement from its conservationist origins towards today’s concerns with global climate change.
(Aired Jan. 24/10)

Episode 19: Turn On Tune In Trip Out
Geoff Smith, the inspired, admired, and presently retired prof. of History @ Queen’s joins me in the studio for talk and music around drugs, drug culture, and the politics of addiction. A wild & crazy time is had by all!
(Aired Jan. 31/10)

Episode 20: Psychedelic Soul
In celebration of Black History Month, the Incredible Kaleidophone serves up some hot soul for a cold February. Talking about the coming together of psychedelic music with funk, and the changing tides of the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s.
(Aired Feb. 7/10)

Episode 21: Radio Love Song
My Valentine’s Day tribute to that wonderful thing called radio – and my dedication to all the hard-working and generous people who contributed to CFRC’s funding drive. Featuring some punk, funk, and existential ego confessions as I get out the audio ammunition in a double-barreled salute to independent radio.
(Aired Feb. 14/10)

Episode 22: Sun Ra & Afro-futurism
The Kaleidophone takes a turn for the surreal as Josh Cole and I discuss the celestial weirdness that is Sun Ra’s take on avant-garde jazz and afro-futurism, in honour of Black History Month.
(Aired Feb. 21/10)

Episode 23: Long Songs Pt. 1: Transcendence
In which I talk a bit about how changes in broadcast and recording technology freed up artists to create longer, more intricate pieces of music. Meditate upon these three long works from Ginsberg, Infonie, and Miles Davis, and perhaps you will achieve some form of transcendence.
(Aired March 7/10)

Episode 24: Long Songs Pt. II: Live Tracks
Talking about changes in recording technology and the importance of capturing the alchemy of live performance. Grateful Dead, Hendrix, Blind Faith, Beatles.
(Aired March 14/10)

Episode 25: Long Songs Pt. III: Folksong Revival
In which I explore the idea of the folk song form as pre-dating technology, and play some choice folk revival cuts. Pentangle, Fairport Convention, Lightfoot, Dylan, and more.
(Aired March 21/10)

Episode 26: Quebec Love!
The Kaleidophone takes a trip through Quebec’s turbulent mix of rebel teen culture, revolutionary violence, and ‘l’underground’ Québécois of the 1960s. Yéyé, Expo 67, FLQ, Raoul Duguay, Robert Charlebois, l’underground Québécois.
(Aired March 28/10)

Episode 27: Quebec Love II
Continues the voyage begun in Episode 26. Exploring themes of Quebec’s place in North America, the importance of the French language, and the links between progressive rock and modern nationhood. Les Sinners, Michele Lalonde’s “Speak White”, L’Infonie, Franck Dervieux, etc.
(Aired April 11/10)

Episode 28: Cubanismo!!
I am joined live in the studio by my friend, film-maker extraordinaire Hayley Crooks for a lively and in-depth discussion of Cuba as a site of multiple imaginaries. Tropical paradise? Revolutionary state? Geo-political pawn? You decide.
(Aired April 18/10)

Episode 29: Summer’s Here!
Celebrate the summer sun with some shiny happy surf, ska, soul, and more.
(Aired April 25/10)

Episode 30: Farewell!
The last broadcast of The Incredible Kaleidophone (at least for now). That’s all folks!
(Aired May 2/10)



  1. I just listened to episode 2: Duck and Cover and found it really interesting. There are so many popular songs from the 1950s and 1960s that reference the threat of nuclear warfare and its interesting to hear a selection of them placed within their historical context. Other songs that I can think of that would fit into this theme are Tom Lehrer’s 1959 satirical song “We will all go together when we go” and Barry McGuire’s 1965 song, “Eve of Destruction.”

  2. Hey Steph,
    So cool to have met you this 3-seasons-week-end.
    I just started to DISCOver your blog by listening your 30st audio episode. The words go like … let,s just kiss and say goodbye.
    Mais, no!
    Ca marche pas comme ca.
    Let,s just start and say hi.

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