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Objet Sonore lecture

Hello friends!

Wow, my life has been crazy making lately. I’m working two jobs plus the PhD plus managing a drag king troupe, so things have been very hectic.

All by way of apologizing (once again!) for neglecting my little Kaleidolings.

Today I’d like to let you know about a talk I will be giving in Montreal, as part of Michael Palumbo’s new series of lectures for ObjetSonore.

The talk is basically the same one I gave back in February, a brief tour of Montreal’s sonic history and a description of my PhD project, “No Quiet Revolution: A Sonic History of Montreal, 1965-1975”.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood, come check it out!

objetsonore lecture



Hey cats!

Last week I posted about a new podcast series called Objet Sonore, an electro-acoustics / sound-studies / music project put together by my buddy Michael Palumbo.

One of Michael’s first interviews took place earlier this year, and I got to be the lucky test subject!

The interview was an informal conversation recorded in my kitchen during a cold December day, and was recently uploaded to Objet Sonore as Episode 4: S.D. Jowett. The discussion covers a wide range of subjects including my interests in sound-studies and my research on Montreal’s historical soundscapes. You can listen to the full interview here, and if you like what you hear I would also encourage you to subscribe to the Objet Sonore podcast via iTunes.


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Podcast: Objet Sonore

Hey cats!

Today I wanted to give you all a heads up about a new podcast, started up by my buddy Michael Palumbo. It’s called Objet Sonore.

Michael studies Electro-Acoustics at Concordia University, and the Objet Sonore podcast is designed to explore any and all sound/music/electro-related stuff that he comes across.

As he explains:

Objet Sonore is an interview podcast dedicated to the discussion of electroacoustic music and sound studies. Through recorded conversations with prominent composers, performers, theorists, inventors, educators, and listeners, Objet Sonore expresses the desire by its founders to establish and explore links between the Anglophone and Francophone electroacoustic communities, both locally, and worldwide.

You can access the Objet Sonore podcast through iTunes by clicking this link or visit the official Objet Sonore webpage here.

Happy listening!

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Playing with your food…

Hey cats!

Short post again today, but I thought I’d share a really neat video, featuring a guy playing musical / electronic vegetables!

Yup, bet you never thought playing with your food could sound so awesome!

* Want more vegetunes? Check out the comments below to watch/listen to Frank Zappa’s “Call Any Vegetable”. Thanks Bobad!

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Stop needless noise!

Short post today, just wanted to share a neat photo with you.

Poster design by Howard Scott (1942), image courtesy of

Poster design by Howard Scott (1942), image courtesy of

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